Courvoisier and Animation Cels from the Golden Age


No it’s not the liqueur. It’s a gallery in San Francisco who sold art for Disney early in their history. How else did they release art? What should new collectors be looking for from that era?

The Care and Framing of Animation Cels


You get your first cel home, or maybe your 100th, and you have no idea how to protect or frame it. Here is a quick explanation of what ArtInsights does, and what we suggest for you, wherever you are. Created

Drawings vs Cels


What’s the difference? Which is better? What’s more collectible, easier to find, to verify?

Disney Production Cels


50’s Disney art. The “Secretary Era”. The way art was released at Disney throughout its history…

Disney Fine Art: Interpretive art


An overview of the interpretive art program authorized by Disney, artists they choose, movies they create images from, and of course there are always new artists. To see more of these artists, go to our gallery website, or to

Advice for Collectors, Part 2


Part 2 of the explanation of how to begin your collection of animation art, but of course you can always call or email the gallery with any questions,

Advice for Collectors, Part 1


Asked to explain the basics of animation and film art, Leslie gives the first part of a basic run through–What to look for when you first start to collect, how to formulate your wish list, what questions to ask, in

What is a Production Cel?


How are production cels made? What makes them collectible? What’s the big deal? Learn that and more right here! Artnsights owner Leslie explains the basics of how traditional animation is made. Largely specific to Disney art, with images of original

Explaining Film Art: Campaign Concept Sketches


James Goodridge, a film artist newly represented at ArtInsights and has worked on Inglorious Basters, 300, Wall-E, Sucker Punch, Terminator, Spiderman, and more, created images for the last 6 Harry Potter films. His graphites were used as concept images in