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An Interview with Disney and Star Wars Artist Mike Kungl


January 23, 2013 Mike Kungl, world renowned fine artist who creates Star Wars, Disney, Warner Brothers, and other illustrative images is interviewed by ArtInsights Magazine, by Leslie of ArtInsights Gallery. His career, inspiration, and technique is discussed. Mike’s artwork has

Craig Kausen: Celebrating the 100th Birthday of Chuck Jones

Craig Kausen

November 12, 2011 To kick off the beginning of Chuck Jones’s 100th birthday year, ArtInsights was lucky enough to have the first official celebration! As part of that, we had his grandson, Craig Kausen, who grew up learning to find

An Interview with Disney and Dreamworks Artist Melissa Suber


August 16, 2011 Leslie with ArtInsights discusses with artist Melissa Suber her career with Disney and Dreamworks (working with top Disney animators and on properties like Shrek at Dreamworks) and her expansion into being an interpretive fine artist for the

Mike Peraza: From Princesses to Pixar

ArtistInsights, Mike Peraza, Disney, Pixar, Artist

August 16, 2011 Mike Peraza has been working in the animation industry for many many years, and has the patience, skill, talent, and pedigree to prove it. He was the art director for the new Disney classic The Little Mermaid.

Bill Silvers: Passionate Production Painter ~ The Art of Star Wars and Disney

ArtistInsights, William Silvers, Bill Silvers

August 15, 2011 Bill Silvers has worked on some great recent movies, and began working in the film industry right before everything changed and hand painting became a thing of the past. He can work digitally or traditionally, fast and

Andreas Deja: From Awful (Scar) to Zany (Roger Rabbit)

ArtistInsights, Andreas Deja

June 29, 2011 Animator Andreas Deja has been creating a wide diversity of inspiring and unforgettable characters at Disney for over 30 years. From Scar and Jafar to Roger Rabbit and to Lilo and Hercules, his designs and creations span

Chris Rankin: Playing Percy and Saying Goodbye to Harry

ArtistInsights, Chris Rankin

January 30, 2011 When Chris Rankin began as a Weasley, he was quite young…he, like all the Potter actors, have lived a lot, learned a lot, and of course, never expected to be part of such a phenomenon. As the

Speaking with Ruben Aquino – The Best of the Best


December 19, 2009 Artinsights’ Leslie Combemale sits down with Disney artist Ruben Aquino and talks about his long career, how it began, his development, his work, and his future. Ruben’s biggest claim to fame is as the supervisor animator for

Disney Artist Mark Henn – The Man Behind the Princesses


December 12, 2009 Leslie Combemale at Artinsights sits down and taks with Mark Henn about his career at Disney, insights as an animator, his influences and inspiration and his work developing Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. The

A Meeting with Randy Martinez – Monsters and Creature Features!


November 03, 2009 Leslie of ArtInsights interviews Randy Martinez, Star Wars official poster artist for Celebration 4 and Celebration Europe, and author/artist for the new book “Creature Features: How To Draw Amazing Monsters and Aliens”, and they talk about creativity,