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Margot Robbie Brings the Heat into “FOCUS”


Let’s get this out of the way, shall we?  Wow, Margot Robbie.  The white-hot actress not only creates chemistry while starring opposite Will Smith in the new release, “Focus”, but eclipses him and runs away with the whole movie.  It’s

Cinema Siren’s Oscar 2015 Predictions and Live Blog!


There isn’t one critic who doesn’t weigh in at Oscars time. We all want to guess, as do those of you who make an effort to see as many good movies every year as you can, how the Academy will

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review: Anyone who sees this movie deserves a spanking…


Would that the whole movie of Fifty Shades of Grey was as hot as Annie Lennox singing “I Put A Spell On You” as the film opens. That’s a bit like panning into a palatial mansion in the Pacific Palisades only to find the interior a ramshackle, dilapidated shell.

Kingsman: The Secret Service Movie Review-Get your Bond spoof on!


Kingsman: The Secret Service may set a new bar for the most diverse acts of ultra-violence in a spy flick. It’s like the twisted lovechild of a 14 year old burgeoning comic nerd and a bespoke-suited gentleman.

Jupiter Ascending Crashes on Take-off


  (Mila Kunis screaming for her agent..) Never does a movie clearly try so hard and fail so miserably than the new space opera Jupiter Ascending. Those following its production were alarmed by a delayed opening from last July, summer’s

Black Sea: Jude Laying Down the Maritime Law

Jude Law Black Sea

Never let it be said that men in our society don’t have their own brand of nonsense about maintaining a youthful physical appearance. I’m not saying it isn’t way harder for women in Hollywood, but everyone really could just give

A Charlie Brown Christmas 50th Anniversary & Snoopy Art! : AFAN #3


  Animation and Film Art News talks about the anniversary of the 1965 cartoon classic A Charlie Brown Christmas and the announcement there will be 3 special limited editions released through Bill Melendez Studios and Sopwith Productions, each with 65

Cinema Siren’s Sundance Film Festival Special

Last Days In the Desert

January is a strange time in the world of movies, as it brings a mix of the very worst and best. Releases this month are either holdovers from the end of the year that pushed to be seen in New

Oscar Noms 2015: As White As Snow


Whitewashed anti-fem Oscars 2015 throws us back pre-millenium with their snubs of women and black filmmakers and artists. Read on to hear just how mad critics around the country art…



  What is an Indie?  The idea of just what constitutes an Independent movie has morphed quite a bit and continues to do so.  There was a time when Lionsgate was considered a true Indie distributor and production company, and