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The Good Dinosaur: Prime Pixar or Jurassic Junk?


Full transcript with additional information on the film: This Thanksgiving weekend, Pixar brings us THE GOOD DINOSAUR.  Their June 19th release INSIDE OUT has already had a huge amount of success.  Will THE GOOD DINOSAUR follow suit? In this world,

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Movie Review: Calling all Girl Geeks and Zombie fans!


Opening just in time for Valentine’s Day 2016, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies takes the classic romance novel by Jane Austen and throws in the ever-popular zombie genre. Cinema Siren got a chance to attend an early screening. Will this

Carol Video Review: The Lesbian Holiday Love Story you Didn’t Know you Needed


  CAROL is the 1950s lesbian holiday love story you didn’t know you needed. It stars Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara as a socialite and store clerk who fall in love, despite societal challenges. What makes this Todd Haynes-directed CAROL

TRUMBO Review: Does Cranston’s Dalton Trumbo Delight?


No one should be able to tell Americans how to think or what not to say. A shameful yet surprisingly topical chapter in American history, TRUMBO tells the story of perhaps the most boisterous member of the Hollywood Ten. Flamboyant

THE PEANUTS MOVIE review: Animation Expert on Inspiration and Influences


Full Review transcript: THE PEANUTS MOVIE Review: Charlie Brown and Snoopy for the 21st Century? People have been after the film rights to Charlie Brown and the rest of Charles Schulz’s comic strip creations for years.  For the first time

Juliette Binoche Interview: On THE 33, Life as an Artist, and Living in the Present

juliette 33

Juliette Binoche can’t seem to have a shallow conversation.  The woman who is arguably the most well-known French actress to work internationally laughs easily, and gestures enthusiastically, slapping her hands together for emphasis as many French people do…in conversation she

Middleburg Film Fest: MACBETH Video Review- “Out, Damned Plot!”


Full Transcript of the MACBETH Review: Though I saw the upcoming release Macbeth at the Middleburg Film Festival, it arrives just in time for the holidays and awards seasons in the US on December 4th. Nothing is so frustrating as

Middleburg Film Fest: ITHACA review (World Premiere screening)


Middleburg Film Festival: ITHACA review Meg Ryan, made famous by being one of America’s sweethearts in SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE and WHEN HARRY MET SALLY, is trying on a new hat with her directorial debut film, ITHACA.  With the timeliness about

MISS YOU ALREADY Review and Exclusive Director Catherine Hardwicke Interview


  There’s no spinning this one.  It’s a cancer movie, clear and simple.  It’s a cancer movie and, whether you’re a guy or a gal, if you watch MISS YOU ALREADY, you’re likely in for an impressive, cathartic cry.  But

TRUTH Vid Review and Director James Vanderbilt Interview


  This week’s review is the directorial debut of Zodiac, White House Down, and Spider-Man screenwriter James Vanderbilt and stars Robert Redford as Dan Rather and Cate Blanchett as Mary Mapes. It’s about 60 Minutes and journalistic integrity, but even