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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Looking Undead and Delightful at SDCC 2015


The storied beginnings of the novel ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’ has been relayed many times. Seth Grahame-Smith got a call from his editor, who said he had only a few words to describe an idea, and he’d either love it or

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Video Review


  What makes another Mission Impossible film worth seeing almost 20 years after the first in the franchise? Cinema Siren tells you in this spoiler-free review that talks about Simon Pegg, the power of Oscar winning writer/director Christopher McQuarrie, Ving

Paper Towns Movie Review: Real friendships Live There, Make it Worth a Trip


Paper Towns Movie Review: Real friendships Live There, Making it Worth a Trip Paper Towns appears to be a fairly conventional Indie teen romance with a bit of mystery.  Is it more? If so, why?  The film is based on

Comic-Confidential SDCC 2015 in Review


Comic-Confindential SDCC 2015 in Review All the press about Comic-Con in the past few weeks, and now it’s more than a week since they were striking all the sets in downtown San Diego. Cinema Siren offers the perspective of a

TRAINWRECK Review & Interviews: Worth Getting Onboard


Director Judd Apatow and actor/screenwriter Amy Schumer partner to advance the genre of Rom-com to a place where both men and women enjoy it equally, in this tart, very funny, yet ultimately formulaic film.  Watch Cinema Siren’s review here,, including

Comic-Confidential! UPDATED Survival Guide for SDCC!

sdcc survival guide 2015

Know everything you need to know for your time at the POP CULTURE EVENT OF THE YEAR!  Leslie/Cinema Siren’s Survival Guide!  

Terminator: Genisys Review – Old, Obsolete, but Entertaining


Terminator: Genisys Review I remember going to see the original Terminator.  I thought it was both wonderful and cheesy, and, being a movie-loving girl,  I loved it immediately for the incredibly strong and tough female character I had rarely seen

Infinitely Polar Bear Review and Exclusive Interview


Infinitely Polar Bear Review and Exclusive Interview   Mark Ruffalo committed to an indie flick written and directed by director Maya Forbes for good reason. Watch my interview with her and my review of the movie that chronicles her childhood

Inside Out Review: Invention and Influence make for a fantastic flick!


Inside Out Review: Invention and Influence make for a fantastic flick! Cinema Siren reviews the new Pixar release, talks about the influences it uses from Disney history, and shares some interviews with director Pete Docter, and actress Amy Poehler:  

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl Review: Gut-wrenching Indie Fun!


Just what does it take to build a film that is at once reverential of movie classics, a coming-of-age comedy, and a movie about loss? Find out with Cinema Siren’s video review of one of the best films this year: