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KEANU Review and Interview: Comedic Purrfection or Cat-astrophe?


Full transcript: This week’s release KEANU is highly anticipated by the cult of Key and Peele, the stars and creators of the film. Is this movie about a gangster kitten and the humans that save it the cat’s meow? Full

THE DARK HORSE Review: What makes New Zealand’s cinematic export a Must-See?


Review Transcript: Opening for wider release this weekend in the US is the multiple award-winning feature from New Zealand THE DARK HORSE, which has been lauded in its home country as one of the best films in New Zealand film

The Sweeney: Paris Review-Manned, Ritchie-fied, Cliched.

the-sweeney-paris 9.01.24 PM

THE SWEENY: PARIS, aka THE SQUAD aka ANTIGANG, directed by Benjamin Rocher, of THE HORDE, stars Jean Reno, and co-stars Alban Lenoir and Thierry Neuvic, all well-known actors in France.  It’s seeing worldwide release after being shown in France in 2015.

23 Emmy noms? Interview: Margie Cohn, head of DreamWorks TV.


As anyone in the animation industry, and indeed anyone who follows the world of film and animation knows, an Emmy Award nomination is always to be celebrated. Multiply that by 23, and you can imagine the party-like atmosphere happening at

Miles Ahead Movie Review and Exclusive Interview: A Trip Worth Taking?


Full interview transcript: Fan favorite and Oscar winning actor Don Cheadle is finally seeing his directorial debut and passion project MILES AHEAD released. Will the funky biopic anchored in the time Miles Davis was creatively stagnant in the late 70s

Everybody Wants Some!! Review: Will You Want Some, Too??


Written Transcript: EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!! Review: Will You Want Some, Too?? This weekend sees the release of writer/director Richard Linklater’s EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!!, the spiritual sequel of his 1993 cult classic DAZED AND CONFUSED, but does it live up to

I SAW THE LIGHT Exclusive Cinema Siren Interview with Tom Hiddleston


I SAW THE LIGHT’s Tom Hiddleston on Hank Williams: “Despite being afflicted by formidable demons, the legacy of Hank Williams is about joy” It is telling and speaks volumes that when our press roundtable was meant to be at an end

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Review & Interviews: DC Delight or Boy Blunder?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Review & Interviews

This weekend sees the highly anticipated release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. After all the initial fuss about casting, will audiences finally embrace Ben Affleck as Batman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman? Will the Man of Steel get the cinematic respect he so deserves? With some much pretty, and so much over-the-top Snyder-fied action, will it matter?

Hello My Name is Doris: Introduce yourself to this charming Indie


HELLO MY NAME IS DORIS stars longtime fan favorite and Oscar winner Sally Field as an aging woman who finds herself through a mixture of mistakes, difficult changes, and exciting new experiences. Hollywood often ignores older actresses, so even for

EYE IN THE SKY Video Review & Exclusive Interview: director Gavin Hood


New release EYE IN THE SKY is a film about the morality and the costs of war, but it stars Helen Mirren as a colonel,  Alan Rickman in his last screen appearance, and fan favorites Aaron Paul and Barked Abdi.