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Entourage Movie Review-True Bromance

Here is the transcript for you readers out there: Entourage Movie Review-True Bromance A movie based on a successful TV show need only do one thing for itself to be successful. For entourage capturing the character of its leads and the city where they navigate stardom, notoriety, adulthood and brotherhood is key to satisfying this …

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Disney’s Cinderella Movie Review: Magical, Sweet, & Snark-Free

Kenneth Branagh unabashedly brings the best kind of Disney joy, and he’s gotten help doing it from the very best folks working in every aspect of filmmaking. The biggest triumph of Cinderella is there isn’t a shred of cynicism, snark, or satire to be found in its 105 minutes

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The Boxtrolls: Laika wins again…more with visuals, less with story

  Cinema Siren says: The Boxtrolls Brings Technical Advancements and Charming Characters to a Less Compelling Story What exactly is it about the English and cheese? From Monty Python to Wallace and Gromit to the novel Here Be Monsters by Alan Snow on which the new Laika feature The Boxtrolls is based, there is a decidedly …

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The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby “THEM” Review: Of Love and Loss

Monumental loss is, and ever will be, the most tortuous and excruciating experience most will ever go through in their lifetime.  Having had the experience myself, I call it ‘the club no one wants to join.”  Conversely, no one would argue that the most beautiful experience of life is love in all its forms.  Unfortunately …

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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is so surprising in its excellence, its depth, beauty, and substance, it is hard to oversell to anyone with the remotest interest in seeing it, and almost incumbent upon us as reviewers to get a few cynics and naysayers into theater seats. Potential audiences can rise their expectations from wherever they lay, as cinematically, it breaks new ground and raises the bar in almost every way.

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