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JACKIE Movie Review: Portman is Perfection in a Pill Box Hat

Most Americans can remember exactly what they were doing when the towers fell on 9/11.  It is the national tragedy that connects us all.  Before that, though, there was another day of communal sadness and shock in this country.  For people of a certain age, it’s the day that John F. Kennedy was killed. Everyone …

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DOCTOR STRANGE: Brings New Marvel Magic

Few fans of the Marvel cinematic universe know about Doctor Strange.  The character doesn’t have the recognition factor that Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America do.  With the new release of DOCTOR STRANGE, all that will change. Fan favorite SHERLOCK’s Benedict Cumberbatch is the star, aided by co-starring British acting greats like 12 YEARS A …

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SULLY Movie Review: Precarious Landing

SULLY, the new film directed by Clint Eastwood which stars Tom Hanks as heroic pilot Chesley Sullenberger, takes viewers through the experience of “The Miracle on the Hudson” and its aftermath, showing it as far more than just the harrowing yet successful landing of 155 passengers and crew in the frigid waters of the Hudson …

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THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS review: Awash in Sadness

When a movie’s tag lines includes “love demands everything” and “let love lie”, you’ve been warned. While those words declare the film a love story, they are also code for “bring tissues”.  When that movie stars three Oscar nominees, the idea is it will be worth it.  THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS, based on the bestselling …

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Hell or High Water review: This Indie Sleeper Deserves a Flood of Awards

In the running this awards season is the Indie buzz magnet HELL OR HIGH WATER.  Directed David Mackenzie, the director of English award winner STARRED UP, this film was originally released as COMANCHERIA, based on a script by SICARIO writer Taylor Sheridan, which topped the Hollywood script blacklist in 2012. Since another movie created from that …

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