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THE MARTIAN Video Review: Making Science Sexy, and Ridley Scott Successful Again

THE MARTIAN, this week’s release, is directed by Ridley Scott, who has had a less than stellar recent cinematic record, and stars Matt Damon, who, conversely seems to be in every great movie being released.  Will THE MARTIAN make science sexy again, and bring Ridley Scott success again? THE MARTIAN is the ultimate story of …

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Contagion: Breathe Deep the Gathering Gloom

Saturday, September 10, 2011 Some would say Steven Soderbergh’s latest directorial offering is his version of the disaster films of the 1970s. That may be partly true, albeit an updated version for the new millennium. In this 2011 take on the plague-pic, it’s more like CSI: Contagion Source Investigation. There’s a decidedly dispassionate air to …

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