You need a show about what life would be like if the US lost World War II? Or perhaps a post apocalyptic story with a motorcycle-driving martial artist?  Have you missed Don Johnson in primetime?  Has the theme from The Muppets been stuck in your head since 1976? Is Neil Patrick Harris like cowbell, and you just need more?

Here for the benefit of planning, is a list of scheduled release dates and plots behind the tv shows on offer this fall.  If the show has already started, like BLUNT TALK and FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, we didn’t include it.  For better or worse, in alphabetical order by network or platform, here are some options for those of you craving something new.


BLOOD AND OIL (Sunday, Sept 27)

Chace Crawford and Don Johnson star in a drama pitting a couple after the American dream against the ruthless tycoon who controls everyone and everything oil related with an iron fist.

QUANTICO (Sunday, Sept 27)

A recruit (Priyanka Chopra) that enters the FBI Quantico Base for training competes for highest rank with a diverse cast of wannabes.  One of them, however, may be the mastermind planning the biggest attack on New York City since 9/11.

DR. KEN (Friday, Oct 2)

Ken Jeong plays Dr. Ken in this sitcom about a doctor with no bedside manner, a family that drives him crazy, and a therapist wife who tries to keep things sane.


THE MUPPETS (Tuesday, Sept 22)

This primetime return of the Muppets will explore, documentary-style, their personal lives, relationships, and careers.  Who wouldn’t rather watch THE MUPPETS over the Kardashians?

WICKED CITY (Tuesday, Oct 27)

Ed Westwick goes back to LA in 1982 and stars as Kent, who kills girls. It’s up to detectives to stop him.  Adam Rothenberg was playing the detective but when Ripper Street got picked up again he had to bow out.  The TV trailer still has him in the role.  Jeremy Sisto picked up the role, but will it be ready by release date?


HAND OF GOD (Friday sept 4)

Ron Perlman is a corrupt judge that believes God is compelling him down the path of vigilante justice.  It costars Dana Delany as his wife. All the new shows on Amazon Prime were chosen based on votes by fans who watched pilots and voted.  HAND OF GOD was by far the most well received of the shows offered.

RED OAKS (Friday, October 9)

20 year-old David Myers comes of age as an assistant tennis pro at a New Jersey country club in the 80s. Paul Reiser, Jennifer Grey, and Craig Roberts star.


Based on Philip K. Dick’s novel, and exec produced by Ridley Scott, this show explores what the US would be like is it had lost WWII and Japan and Germany ruled the country, and stars Rufus Sewell.


INTO THE BADLANDS (Sunday, Nov 15)

What looks like a mix of Young Adult lit and Martial arts movies that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, this genre mash overload will either be the best or the worst idea ever.


THE LAST KINGDOM (Saturday, Oct 10)

An adaptation of Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Warlord Chronicles. Uhtred starts as a boy taken by vikings, and grows to forge many kingdoms into one: England. Look for great English actors, tots of swords, armor, and men with long hair.


ANGEL FROM HELL (Thursday Nov 6)

Jane Lynch stars as Amy who reveals herself to her charge Allison (Maggie Lawson) to be an angel, albeit one of the a hard-living, blunt, pain in the neck variety of angels.

CODE BLACK (Wednesday, Sept 30)

Marcia Gay Harden stars in this medical drama about the pressures and experiences in an LA county emergency room.  It costars Luis Guzman, and lots of fresh faced actors as the interns working under her.  Without a medical drama on primetime the world will spontaneously combust.

LIFE IN PIECES (Monday, Sept21)

A sitcom starring Dianne Wiest and James Brolin, with Colin Hanks, about the life of a family told from a variety of points of view, a la Rashomon.

LIMITLESS (Tuesday, Sept. 22)

Based on the movie starring Bradley Cooper, who appears as a recurring character, Limitless is about the experiences Brian Finch (Jake Mcdormand) has when using a mysterious drug NZT-48 that increases his IQ beyond all other humans.

SUPER GIRL (Monday, October 26th)

Melissa Benoist stars as Kara Zor El, or Supergirl, who embraces her powers after hiding them like her fellow Kryptonian, Superman.  It costars Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant, Kara’s boss, and features Helen Slater, Supergirl from the 1984 film, as her adoptive mother.


Colbert changes the marquee and takes up the mantle from David Letterman and everyone is both sad David is gone and excited for Stephen to start.


MOONBEAM CITY (Wednesday, Sept 16)

This animated comedy series is a parody of 1980s cop shows and stars the voices of Rob Lowe, who plays a sex-craved detective, and Elizabeth Banks as his boss Chief Pizzaz Miller.  The whole show looks like A-ha’s Take Me On video.




A gal, played by Rachel Bloom, leaves a good law firm job to find love with the boy she had a crush in as a teen, in the random town of West Covina, California, then everyone sings.


GRANDFATHERED (September 29),

In this comedy series, John Stamos discovers he’s a father and a grandfather.  aannd, that’s the show. Where can they go from there?

MINORITY REPORT (Monday Sept 21)

An offshoot of the 2002 film of the same name, this action drama follows a “pre-cog” and the detective as they help stop crimes before they happen.  It’s like Sleepy Hollow in the future. 


ROSEWOOD (Wednesday, September 23)

Morris Chestnut plays Miami pathologist Baumont Rosewood, who solves medical problems for the police using state-of-the-art lab equipment and his charm.  It’s like the anti-House.


SCREAM QUEENS (Tuesday, September 22)

Ryan Murphy and co. create another show hybrid in this horror-comedy anthology series, and centers on a series of murders happening at a sorority that may be connected to those from 20 years before.  It stars Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin, and Jamie Lee Curtis. Highly anticipated and previewed at SDCC 2015, it could be a killer…but will there be singing?

THE GRINDER (Tuesday, September 29)

Rob Lowe and Fred Savage play brothers who are a flamboyantly famous actor and serious-minded lawyer respectively, in this sitcom that might do well with the Parks and Rec set, and anyone who saw ST. ELMO’S FIRE.




Brought to you by Kurt Sutter, and the Sons of Anarchy folk, starring Lee Jones, Darren Evans, Stephen Moyer, and a few SoA vets including Katey Sagal, this bloody historical epic tells the story of a warrior knight who turns dispassionate killer for hire. Sutter promises to build that same complicated kind of world he did for Sons of Anarchy.  Sharpen your swords.


Most of the former cast members from AHS will be appearing in this new FX Horror anthology series, with the exception of Jessica Lange and the interesting addition of Lady Gaga.  Think SLEEP NO MORE on TV.


CASUAL (Wednesday October 7)

A new Jason Reitman comedy series about a divorced mom trying to navigate her life and rediscover herself. Starring Michaela Watkins, it has Frances Conroy as the mom’s manipulative mom.   


BENDERS (Thursday, Oct 1)

A group of friends bond over their obsession with their men’s ice hockey team.  This eight episode series is exec produced in part by Denis Leary. Just let them keep their teeth.




Harris will style his variety show on “ANT & DEC’S SATURDAY NIGHT TAKEAWAY”, in a genre-buster that is part chat show, part game show, part sketch comedy show, and part musical show.

BLINDSPOT (Monday, Sept 21)

Jamie Alexander plays a beautiful woman with no memory full of intricate tattoos which she uses as a roadmap into a larger conspiracy of crime, and towards discovering her identity.  Marianne Jean-Baptiste co-stars. They already used the tattoo idea in Brimstone and Memento…but not on a beautiful woman.

CHICAGO MED (Tuesday Nov 17)

Dick Wolf brings another show featuring Chicago, this time focusing on an emergency room in which stars Oliver Platt and S. Epatha Merkerson are only two of the many members of staff.  Characters from his other Chicago shows will make appearances. Too bad the world isn’t as pretty as the folks inhabiting these Chicago shows.

HEROES REBORN (Thursday, Sept 24)

Starring Zachary Levi, this 13 episode event, like the original 2006 Heroes series, focuses on ordinary people who discover they have extraordinary abilities.  Some characters from the original series will be appearing.  It’s always great seeing Levi in a new show.

THE PLAYER (Thursday, Sept 24)

Wesley Snipes and Philip Winchester star in a show about an group of wealthy gamblers who put their money on whether a former military operative can stop some of the biggest crimes from playing out.  Weird premise, but interesting.

TRUTH BE TOLD (Friday, Oct 16)

A salt and pepper sitcom about two couples who, as BFFs, analyze life and love together starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tone Bell.  Maybe it will be something we haven’t seen a million times before?


F IS FOR FAMILY (December)

An animated series based on the comedic stylings of lead voice Bill Burr, it will be a family comedy that takes place in a far less politically correct 1970s, co-starring Laura Dern and Justin Long.  It is being animated by Gaunt Animation in France.


Kristen Ritter stars in the title role,  Jessica, who is a former superhero that opens her own detective agency. It co-stars David Tennant as a mysterious man from her past who re-enters her life and shakes it up.


Based on the shorts aired during the Rocky and Bullwinkle show in the 60s, the show will feature Peabody and Sherman as late night comedy show hosts who bring on guests like Mozart and Edgar Allen Poe.



ASH VS. THE EVIL DEAD ( Saturday, Oct 31)

Appropriately premiering on Halloween, this horror comedy series created by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, and starring Campbell reprising his role as Ash Williams, the character that chainsawed his way through the films that begot this series.


COLONY (Thursday Jan 4)

Starring Josh Holloway, this action drama takes place in a new future when mysterious outsiders take over his city and limit freedoms of all those there, and follows him as he struggles to find his missing son by breaking the new  laws created by those in charge.  It looks like Escape from New York meets V.

DONNY! (Tuesday Nov 10)

Based loosely on the life of advertising exec and tv personality Donny Deutsch (who?), it’s a partially scripted comedy about the public and private life of a single dad celebrity and how they collide.