Horror movie lovers owe a debt of gratitude to Jason Blum and all the folks at Blumhouse for valiantly aiming to distract from the real life horrors of 2020. That production company has been all over the streamers and theaters this fall. Now the new horror comedy Freaky lands in time to splash cinematic blood all over Thanksgiving, and there will be lots of homebound horror fans who will be 100% there for it. Directed by Happy Death Day’s Christopher Landon, the film is a twist on Freaky Friday, with the supernatural switch happening not between mother and daughter, but middle-aged serial killer and grieving high school cheerleader. Vince Vaughn plays the ‘Blissfield Butcher’ turned teenaged girl, and Kathryn Newton plays Millie, who inadvertently shifts from outsider to hottest girl in school when a killer soul takes over her body, donning a red leather jacket and the furrowed brow of the determined, effectively creating ‘Butcher Barbie’. 

Freaky will have you vaccinating between “OMG what a bloody, hilarious take on that body switch flick I watched when I was 9!”, “Damn, this is a one-trick pony, but I don’t seem to care”, and “Vince Vaughn, you look like you’re having way more fun as a teen girl than you did as Norman Bates”.  

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