When assigned to review Geek and You Shall Find, I thought what I usually think in such circumstances, the circumstances under which my experience as an art gallery owner that specializes in film art, including superhero, Disney, and, just generally what would be termed “geek art”, is meant to come to bear. In the 20+ years I’ve represented art used in the making of films, I’ve had my share of art collectors that insult, dismiss, and otherwise disparage anything relating to pop culture, enter and exit the gallery in less than a minute’s time.

As a film critic, I’ve also seen my share of articles, videos, and other media that attempt to explain the value of all things geek, only to fall short by simplifying its value, or rationalizing it as fanciful, yet worthwhile distraction from more important, “serious” pursuits.

Gratefully, the new documentary Geek and You Shall Find delves deeper, showing great respect to the subject matter, offering research and historical references to illustrate why comics, current myths, and pop culture have the same value as any other art.

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