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Cinema Siren’s Top Movie Trends and Takeaways of 2012

January 6, 2013 The box office receipts didn’t automatically match studio expectations in 2012. For once, some of the most lauded movies took money away from the mediocre ones. This year we saw superheroes, grown-up movies, genre mash-ups and cartoons scoring places at the top of the box office. Much was made about big flops, …

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Five Movies with Oscar Buzz

December 8, 2012 December is Oscar time. Filmmakers need to get their movies under the wire so they’ll be in contention for this year’s awards. Consequently this month is a weird mix of crowd-pleasing mediocrity and painfully long masterpieces that mix horribly with a need for fluff. But what is a movie lover to do? …

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2012 Summer Movie Preview

Friday, April 27, 2012 Every year about this time, it’s the calm before the theatrical storm. Things are winding up in Hollywood, as the studios prepare for their marketing onslaught. Should we, the movie viewing public, be getting excited? What can we expect this summer? What spectacles are headed our way? You can take stock …

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Oscars 2012 ~ Superbowl for the Movie Lovers Set

Monday, January 30, 2012   The Oscars have been announced! Aaah, yes. The Oscars. They are, for those of us who are movie lovers, our version of the Super Bowl. Finding out who is nominated is a bit like hearing about which teams will play. So perhaps you heard the “Yippee!” holler from Cinema Siren’s …

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