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ARRIVAL Movie Review: Amy Adams Brings Home the Independent, Unwavering Spirit and Brainpower of All Women

ARRIVAL is the science fiction film for people who avoid them because they see them as vapid, effects-driven, plot deficient time-drains.  Fans loyal to the genre will also embrace the film, which is about a linguist who is tasked with translating the language of recently landed aliens, in order to open inter-species communications.  Auteur director …

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2014 Oscars Predictions and 10 Things You Might Not Know About Them

02/28/2014 OK, movie lovers and Sirenauts, you have only two more days to squeeze in all the nominated movies if you want to offer informed and well researched opinions on the winners of the 86th annual Academy Awards. The program airs live on ABC, Sunday at 7 p.m. ET. Red carpet coverage begins on E! …

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Cinema Siren’s Must-See Movies for the Holidays: ‘Her,’ ‘American Hustle,’ ‘Saving Mr. Banks,’ and More

December 26, 2013   This is a holiday weekend, and we can all use a few hours of escapism between parties or family gatherings, no? Of course! Cinema Siren has just the thing. Here are five movies that have been released in the last few weeks that might be the perfect way to recharge or …

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American Hustle: The Art of a Con Movie

December 19, 2013 Movie lovers, prepare to be gobsmacked. The art of the con meets the art of filmmaking in writer/director David O Russell’s spectacular latest release American Hustle, a movie that leaves you agog with the acting prowess displayed therein, and agog at how Russell finds a way to entertain so thoroughly using such …

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