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“Prisoners” – The Hugh and Jake Show

September 21, 2013 Prisoners should come with a warning: Angst alert! Sitting through the new film by Oscar-nominated Quebecois director Denis Villeneuve, is like choosing to experience 2.5 hours of emotional torture. But potential audiences shouldn’t let that keep them from journeying through the complicated morality maze that is this story of abduction, vigilantism and …

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“The Wolverine”: A Howling Good Time

July 27, 2013 With his colossal muscle “guns” and his thousand-watt smile, there is a reason the magnetic and charming Mr. Jackman makes the biggest bucks. It might about the reason he has played the same superhero more times than anyone else on film (six with The Wolverine, seven with 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future …

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Is Les Misérables Oscar-Worthy? – Great Acting Makes You Join in Their Crusade.

The film makers want to ask you, “Will you join in their crusade?” After much promotion and fanfare, a new musical film interpretation of Les Misérables is opening nationwide. For you non-“Mis” folk, the story is of Prisoner 24601, Jean Valjean, who breaks parole, is hunted relentlessly by Inspector Javert and encounters various troubled and impoverished …