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Cinema Siren says: James McAvoy’s arresting portrayal makes the film a must-see There’s this little movie called X-Men: Days of Future Past, which has been critically acclaimed and deservedly found a fair amount of success at the box office this summer. Although celebrated for the impressive, awards-laden ensemble cast, Its success is in no small part …

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Indie Spotlight: Locke-See it for Tom Hardy’s Tour-de-Force Performance

Metaphorically imagine the Hollywood mainstream as the big box stores and the world of independent movies as the small businesses; the “ma and pop shops” if you will. Community works best when fans who want to see the best films get to market find out about and support both.  Some indie films released, even given …

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Monsters U, Much Ado and Zombies Too! Cinema Siren reviews!

June 20, 2013 This weekend at the movies, there’s something for everyone, with a broad spectrum of subjects and targeted audiences in the offing. Zombies are bringing about the apocalypse in director Marc Forster’s World War Z, starring Brad Pitt. Monsters University is a new release by the magicians over at Pixar who seem able, …

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Indie Spotlight: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil ~ A Great Little Movie about Good ‘ole Boys Having a Horrible Day

Friday, September 30, 2011 Some people’s favorite day of the year is Halloween by a fairly wide margin. It is now second only to Christmas for holidays with the most money spent in celebration. Like Christmas, the window for the promotion and sale of Halloween merch is expanding every year. Cinema Siren hollers Huzzah! This …

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