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“Women Rocking Hollywood” Panel a Spectacular Success at San Diego Comic-Con 2017!

Women Rocking Hollywood 2017 was Victoria Mahoney, Aurora Guerrero, Tina Mabry, Rosemary Rodriguez, Angela Robinson, Gina Prince-Bythewood, and Kirsten Schaffer. All Hollywood Powerhouses!  Such graciousness and talent. It’s incredible to me that at SDCC, in an environment full of famous people and A-listers, I would not trade for anyone within a 5 mile radius, the female …

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Building “Bunnicula”: An Interview with WB cartoon producer/director Jessica Borutski

  There’s a new show starting tomorrow based on the children’s book series Bunnicula, and it’s a labor of love for producer/director Jessica Borutski. She represents the best of the new guard of female animators, and clearly an inspiring professional in the industry, for having her own show at Warner Brothers TV at only 32! Bunnicula …

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Entourage Movie Review-True Bromance

Here is the transcript for you readers out there: Entourage Movie Review-True Bromance A movie based on a successful TV show need only do one thing for itself to be successful. For entourage capturing the character of its leads and the city where they navigate stardom, notoriety, adulthood and brotherhood is key to satisfying this …

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Penguins of Madagascar: These DreamWorks Birds Try but Can’t Fly

  Penguins of Madagascar has giggles and chuckles enough to satisfy those looking for a mild diversion. Sadly, It leaves animation fans who love the penguins from previous movies feeling disappointed by frenetic plotting and decidedly inconsistent character development. The whole adventure plays like it started out targeted to adults only to be audience-tested to death …

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An Interview with John Alvin: From Blade Runner to Star Wars to E.T.

March 10, 2009 An interview with famed movie poster artist and friend of the Artinsights gallery John Alvin, where he discusses his inspiration for the many poster one sheets that he has created over his storied 35 year career, with Cinema Siren Leslie Combemale. John Alvin was a famed cinematic artist and painter who created …

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