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The Lost Daughter Review

A lot of people are going to leave the cinema or turn away from their home theater after seeing The Lost Daughter feeling unsettled. Maggie Gyllenhaal’s screenwriting and directorial feature debut elicits visceral feelings, some of them unpleasant. She would probably say that’s one of the points of her psychological drama, which she adapted from …

Movie Reviews

TIFF 2021 Mothering Sunday Review

Part Bridgerton, part Downton Abbey, director Eva Husson’s steamy take on the Hawthorne Prize winning novella Mothering Sunday is equally lush and bleak as it examines love and loss in post WW1 England through the eyes of orphan, maid, and aspiring writer Jane Fairchild (Odessa Young). The film largely taking place on March 30th, 1924, on Jane’s day off …