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Cinema Siren Rings in the New Year with 10 Movies to Inspire~ New Beginnings, Celebrations, and Perseverance

Saturday, December 31, 2011   First, let Cinema Siren end this year by thanking readers and send out appreciation to you. You who have become so loyal and have taken my opinions and suggestions to heart. Some of you have come to visit my alter ego Leslie at ArtInsights in Reston just to say hi. …

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Sherlock & Mission Impossible: Super Spy & Super Detective

Saturday, December 17, 2011 Ahhh, escapism. Nothing takes the bad taste of grumpy holiday shoppers, vacation traffic, or family kurfuffles away like bomb blasts, a high speed chase, or a good bludgeoning in slomo. With that in mind, the makers of sequels for both “Sherlock Holmes” and “Mission Impossible” offer their bits of distraction just …

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