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Ralph Breaks the Internet: Disney Even Cynics Will Celebrate

The quintessential Disney film for cynics, Ralph Breaks the Internet lands in theaters this holiday weekend, with a film I’d alternately call, “Disney’s Death Race 2000: When Friends Collide.” Even those who saw and felt lukewarm about 2012’s Wreck-It Ralph, will find the movie an often irreverent delight.  At one point, the lead character sings …

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ZOOTOPIA Review & Interviews: Mediocre or Mammalian Marvel?

  FULL TRANSCRIPT: The latest animated feature from Disney, ZOOTOPIA is releasing to theaters this weekend.  Will it, as Disney hopes, create a new set of obsessive fans and become a modern classic, or will it sink into the obscurity destined for Pixar’s THE GOOD DINOSAUR? There’s much in the current news about a decided …

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