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The Edge of Tomorrow: “Live, Die, Repeat, Explain.”

Cinema Siren says: Live, Die, Repeat, Explain. The Edge of Tomorrow re-imagines Groundhog Day as a bloody, battle-heavy and apocalyptic war adventure, and in the process unexpectedly creates a nearly thoroughly delightful movie with a spectacle of such exciting action and engaging plot that it seems time stands still in the best possible way for viewers. This week’s release, directed by Doug Liman (Jumper, Mr. & Mrs. …

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“Star Trek: Into Darkness” ~ Excitement at Warp Factor 10

May 17, 2013 Boy, this is going to be one short review. This movie has more spoilers than the 1967 Enterprise had Tribbles…and in the interest of full disclosure, this is written by the Cinema Siren who owns chairs from the Voyager show, can list the original episodes in order of appearance, has a T-shirt …

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‘Oblivion’: A Stunning Yet Flawed Sci-Fi

April 20, 2013 In director Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion, you can see a love for and desire to expand on the great classics of science fiction on film. With the most impressive use of IMAX for a feature film to date, in that respect he has created something new and exciting, with what is essentially a …

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Looper: A Loopy Mind-Bender Worth Your Time

Friday, September 28, 2012 Looper is an ambitious and deeper take on time-travel and the future than the usual sci-fi action flick, and if approached with patience and an open mind, it will blow yours away at least as much as the oft-featured blunderbuss in the film. It starts slowly. In fact, it maintains a …

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MEN IN BLACK 3: Rick Baker, Josh Brolin Help Create the Best of the Franchise

Friday, May 25, 2012 If you’re like me, you may have pondered, “Why, 10 years after an MIB sequel that stunk up the theatre like Edgar the Bug’s rotting human skin, are they releasing another sequel? How can it possibly be worth seeing?” Well, you ask, is it? Oh yeah! Definitely the best of the …

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