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Together Together Sundance Film Festival review

I was unprepared for how beautiful and heartwarming Nikole Beckwith’s Together Together is, so I’m preparing you. Writer/director Nikole Beckwith brought her feature film debut to Sundance in 2015 with Stockholm, Pennsylvania, which starred Saoirse Ronan, and it got rave reviews. Now she returns with her second feature, and Together Together deserves equal attention. From the very first frames, the …

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In the Earth Sundance Film Festival review

In the Earth is a cinematic cautionary tale that suggests getting back to nature can be more dangerous than a pandemic, and encountering a seemingly friendly, hermetic forest-dweller can be more dangerous still. In between filming a reimagining of the Hitchcock classic Rebecca and his upcoming high profile productions, filmmaker Ben Wheatley was inspired by the unsatisfying experience …

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Mass Sundance review

Somber chamber drama Mass, actor Fran Kranz’s writing and directing debut about two sets of parents dealing and confronting each other after the loss of their sons in a mass shooting is a very tough watch. It teeters at the edge but never crosses the border into grief porn, and that’s to the credit of the …