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You Were Never Really Here Review: Joe Brings the Hammer, Artistry Should Bring Audiences

It took six years from the success of We Need to Talk about Kevin to the release of writer/director Lynne Ramsay’s new film, You Were Never Really Here, which opens nationally this weekend. Based on a novella by writer and raconteur Jonathan Ames, the story is about Joe (Joaquin Pheonix), a veteran with PTSD, who tracks down and …

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Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House Movie Review

If there’s anywhere that All the President’s Men is part of required viewing, it’s in the Washington DC area.  We from the region are so used to politics being a part of our every day life, it takes serious scandal to get anyone to raise an eyebrow.  Depending on age, the attack on the Pentagon, …

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Blade Runner 2049: Denis Villeneuve Creates a New Sci-Fi Classic

You will not be reading about even one plot point in this review.  There will be nothing about Blade Runner 2049’s characters, subject matter, cameos, or philosophical underpinnings.  Not to be self-serving, but since you’ve gotten this far in my critique, I’d like to suggest that unless you have another critic you know and trust to …

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TROPHY: A Great but Gut-Wrenching Documentary Explores the Complicated, Controversial World of Trophy Hunting

Trophy, an exploration of the economics and conservational impact of big game hunting, recently released in theaters, is not easy viewing. This is especially true for those predisposed to having a strong opinion on the subject. Co-directors Shaul Schwarz and Christina Clusiau aim, however, to get a conversation going with conservationists and animal lovers around …

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Step review: Director Amanda Lipitz’s Documentary Shows What Committed Community Can Do

New this week in limited release is a documentary from director/producer Amanda Lipitz called Step.  In a new all female charter school called Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women, or BLSYW, the step team is influencing the members’ lives both on and off stage. The film follows these girls as they are empowered by their …

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GIFTED Review: Chris Evans brings charisma to this cliched yet cathartic indie

I already know how most critics are going to receive the new indie film GIFTED.  They’ll say it plays on your emotions. Yes, this story about a child math prodigy that gets caught in a custody battle between her loving uncle and grandmother is definitely awash in sentimentality.  It also has its share of cliches.  …

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