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Cat Daddies Review

Though Cat Daddies sounds like the name of either a rockabilly band or a group you’d find in a kink dungeon, it’s actually the hashtag used online to describe feline-loving dudes, and as such is the perfect title for a new documentary from writer/director Mye Hoang, Cat Daddies. This joyful movie profiles a collection of 9 men, proud …

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TIFF 2021 Flee Review

Flee first entered into the cinematic fray at 2021 Sundance Film Festival, where the buzz was nearly deafening, calling it one of the best films, animated or otherwise, of the year. It racked up a slew of awards starting with Sundance’s Grand Jury Prize in the World Cinema Documentary section, and going on to win Best …

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TIFF 2021 The Guilty Review

“Broken people save broken people.” That’s how Christina Vidal as Sgt Denise Wade explains Jake Gyllenhaal’s character Joe Baylor in Antoine Fuqua’s incredibly tense new film The Guilty. If the movie proves one thing, it’s that nothing is simple, and nothing is what it seems. Here, Fuqua teams up with Gyllenhaal in a pandemic-era story that …