Riot Girls: review

By CinemaSiren | September 20, 2019 | Comments Off on Riot Girls: review

Imagine a post-apocalyptic Stand By Me where queer girls rule and save the day, and you have a vague idea of the aesthetic of the Canadian uber-indie thriller Riot Girls. The film is filled with up-and-coming female filmmakers, including director Jovanka Vuckovic, writer Katherine Collins, producer Lauren Grant, and a host of other below-the-line artists, including cinematographer Celiana …

Downton Abbey Review

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To the manor bored aka Dame Maggie Smith saves Downton Abbey You don’t really know the fans of Downton Abbey until you sit in a darkened theater as the first strains of the theme song start playing, to a bust of applause, and even a few gasps.  Thus begins the feature film that feels like … review: Tattoo Uprising Documentary

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You’ve probably always wanted to see Werner Herzog’s tattoo, am I right? Now’s your chance. Folklorist, writer, and filmmaker Alan Govenar’s documentary Tattoo Uprising features vintage footage of the mercurial auteur showing off his Ed Hardy design, as well as other footage dating from all the back to 1980 to the present day, and interviews with noted …

Tigers Are Not Afraid: Review

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When Tigers Are Not Afraid is not busy scaring you, it’s breaking your heart. Social activism meets horror meets coming-of-age in this bracing, gorgeously shot, intense multiple award-winning film that’s both written and directed by famed and favored Mexican filmmaker Issa Lopez. Since it originally premiered at Fantastic Fest in 2017, it has garnered over 50 awards …