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SEARCHING film review: John Cho Finds His Leading Man Mojo with this Great Thriller

The deserved success of Crazy Rich Asians has ostensibly opened the door in Hollywood for more Asian-American actors in lead roles.  Hopefully the powers that be have finally seen proof that diversity sells.  Not only is Crazy Rich Asians a delightful tale, it’s also full of charismatic performers, each of whom could carry a film …

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“Star Trek: Into Darkness” ~ Excitement at Warp Factor 10

May 17, 2013 Boy, this is going to be one short review. This movie has more spoilers than the 1967 Enterprise had Tribbles…and in the interest of full disclosure, this is written by the Cinema Siren who owns chairs from the Voyager show, can list the original episodes in order of appearance, has a T-shirt …

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