Emily Levine, the subject of the quirky 61 minute documentary-of-sorts called Emily @ the Edge of Chaos, was a philosopher, comedian and writer who became fascinated by physics after she was diagnosed with a tumor in her pituitary gland. The tumor had caused a crazy mix of symptoms that led her to question the meaning of reality. She was inspired by her experiences to create TED talks about the interconnectedness of everything and making friends with reality that have been viewed millions of times, and she was recently voted one of the all-time top TED speakers. Knowing that background should make you curious to watch producer/director Wendy Apple’s film starring Levine, which takes viewers on a heady trip through complicated subjects like Chaos Theory, Interactivity, and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, but from the practical and often very funny perspective of one woman’s journey.

Levine wants you to understand that there’s a paradigm shift happening in our shared reality here in the US. In Emily @ the Edge of Chaos, she explains it all to you within the context of quantum physics, commenting on politics, the economy, the media, and contemporary culture, and does so in front of an audience. If that sounds dull, it isn’t. Something about Levine’s personal experience has given her insights that strip away much of the confusion or complication around the subject of physics, and how it relates to all of us personally and collectively.

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