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Animation Insiders Demand an End to Sexism and Harassment in the Animation Industry Today

A letter was sent today by 217 women and non-gender conforming folk to over a dozen studios demanding change and an end to sexual harassment and sexism in the animation industry.  Included on the list of recipients are executives at Disney, Sony Pictures Animation, Cartoon Network, DreamWorks Animation, and Warner Bros. Signatures are from people …

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Building “Bunnicula”: An Interview with WB cartoon producer/director Jessica Borutski

  There’s a new show starting tomorrow based on the children’s book series Bunnicula, and it’s a labor of love for producer/director Jessica Borutski. She represents the best of the new guard of female animators, and clearly an inspiring professional in the industry, for having her own show at Warner Brothers TV at only 32! Bunnicula …

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THE WOMEN OF KUNG FU PANDA 3: How Girlpower Reigns at DreamWorks

THE WOMEN OF KUNG FU PANDA 3: How Girlpower Reigns at DreamWorks The best representations of Girlpower are those where women lead by example, going beyond gender to erase bias altogether.  As the media has covered lately, it’s a challenge that continues.  Three women at DreamWorks, who have worked together on the entire Kung Fu …

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“Frozen: An Evening with the Filmmakers” post event dish

Women in Animation and Walt Disney Animation Studios event: “Frozen: An Evening with the Filmmakers” Walt Disney Animation Studios, 14 January 2014 At a time where Meryl Streep has brought attention to the power of women in the animation industry, and especially at Disney, this event couldn’t have been more welcome or appreciated. The crowd …

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