Cinema Siren is proud to have been a nationally syndicated film critic since all the way back in 2011, and as my tagline says, to guide film lovers through a sea of celluloid.

Here for your interest and amusement, and as a guide for moviegoing, or video on demand, or purchase, are links to most of the reviews and articles going back 4 years, all in one place. I omitted some of the yearly examinations, Oscar insights, and things along those lines, but there are lots of great movies to read about here, along with a few awful ones..(Getaway and Sex in the City 2, I’m looking at you)

At the best and most functional times, I’ve gotten lots of comments and emails from what I started calling my “Sirenauts”, most notably Noah. That movie alone threatened to make my mailbox crumble under the virtual weight. Godzilla, Rio 2, and Gravity seemed to elicit everything from deep feelings of appreciation to hot heated hate. It also seems to depend on where the review is read how it is received.

What makes movies so wonderful, is there’s something for everyone. There are several things, if you’ve never read my work, to remember about Cinema Siren; all my reviews are always spoiler-free, and I do look for the best in even the worst movies. Even in a film that gets one out of five stars, there are members of the production, from caterer to grip to co-star, that genuinely hope for greatness and do their best.

To be a great critic, one must not only see past one’s own taste, but think of the audience. One must have enough skill and talent to point out the assets of a film with panache, and its faults without vitriol or cruelty.

That is Cinema Siren’s objective. My aim is to get movie lovers out for that unique cinematic experience that can only be felt at the movies. A dark theater creates that temporary community of passengers transported briefly together into another world. Unlike the sirens of mythology, I mean to guide you safely through that sea of celluloid.

Now…. go find a new favorite film!


aka Cinema Siren



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